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7 Travel Games for Kids at the Airport

Did you know that Brits will spend a total of about 12 days of their lives on an airplane?

If you’re bringing children onboard your next flight, it can sometimes be a challenge (not to mention a huge stress) coming up with ideas about how to keep them entertained.

In this post, we’re telling you our top 7 travel games for kids, so you can have fun while you’re waiting for your flight or on a layover at the airport!

1. I Spy

First on our list of travel games for kids is “I Spy.” Pick something you see around you, and give your children clues so they can guess what it is.

If you’re looking at a pretzel stand, you can say, “I spy something that serves food,” adding more hints until the game is won!

2. The Quiet Game

Bribery never hurt anyone – especially when you’re trying to keep your children quiet. Offer whoever can go the longest without speaking a prize.

Especially if you have multiple children, this game may restore your sanity.

3. All-In-One Games

Look for small, handheld games that are miniature versions of popular board games. Think self-contained chess sets, where all the pieces fit inside a compartment connected to the board.

Also, look for smaller versions of games like Connect Four.

4. Word Searches

Especially if you’re trying to teach your child to read, word searches can serve double-duty.

Many airports actually sell kid-friendly word searches in their stores, so this is a lifesaver if you forgot to pack something to distract your children.

5. Origami

This is a great no-mess game option – no markers, scissors, or glue required!

Before your flight, buy an origami instruction book for your children, or simply download some instructional videos to watch in the airport.

Pick out lots of colored paper, and watch the time fly by!

Who doesn’t love that?

6. Hangman

This is another great game that helps your kids to learn while also keeping them quiet and distracted!

Plus, especially if you have more than one child, it’s a great way for all your children to be involved in an activity at once.

You can even play with them! Have one child come up with a word for the other children to guess.

Then, have the others take turns guessing possible letters until the word is spelled out correctly.

7. Mazes

Before you head out, take some time to comb through the wonderful resource that is the Internet, and print out a small booklet of mazes for your children to work through.

Also, be sure to pack all the pens, pencils, and markers your children may need in a pencil case.

Relax With These Travel Games For Kids

travel games for kidsWe know that traveling with young children can sometimes be a nightmare.

However, with a little planning (OK, and maybe also a little bit of last-minute creativity) you can handle it and enjoy your flight!

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