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Top 5 Flight Tracker App Products

On average there are over 93,000 flights taking off and landing each day! These flights originate from over 9,000 airports around the world. That’s a lot of flights to keep track of – between 8,000 and 13,000 in the air at any given time, to be exact.

A flight tracker app is a great way to find out if flights are delayed or running on time, but some have much more advanced features for aviation enthusiasts.  Some include information from 40,000 feet, a view from the cockpit and which airport restaurants are the best and closest to your gate.

A flight tracker app can help people take the guesswork out of traveling. What once was a highly stressful experience is made easier by these downloadable tools.

Read on for our list of the top 5 app options out on the market now.

Get a Flight Tracker App Today

Gate Guru

This is the perfect app for travelers on the go that don’t have time to organize or plan their own itineraries and want someone (or something) to do it for them. Gate Guru offers the basic flight information and tracking capabilities but stands apart when it comes to planning what happens between take-off and landing.

Travelers enter the itinerary and the app can help with car rentals, estimated wait times at security, weather conditions and airport amenities plus reviews. Even better, Gate Guru is free to download on iOS and Android.

Flight Aware

Are you a lover of aviation? Do planes and private jets excite you? Then the Flight Aware app is for you.

This app can track the status and location of not only commercial flights worldwide, but also the whereabouts of charters and private planes in the U.S. and Canada. Flight Aware has a detailed GPS System that allows users to see what aircrafts are nearby in the air and even offers a map around the world that you can use to zoom in and pan around.

Flight Aware is also available on iOS and Android free of charge.

App in the Air

This app is perfect for those looking to track flights of family and friends, in addition to their own. After entering the flight number, App in the Air tracks everything from check-in and boarding times to estimated take off and landing information.

You can also keep track of a flight’s current location, arrival time and flight numbers. This can help when transporting family and friends to and from the airport. App in the Air is another free app available for iOS and Android.


This is a great app and one of few that can actually be used while in-flight and without WiFi. With offline capabilities, FlightTrack5 offers updates on flight delays, cancellations at over 3,000 airports and a map, where you can zoom and view flights. FlightTrack5 can be purchased for iOS and Android for $4.99.


This app is perfect for those who are fascinated by aviation. Though it will offer information on your own flight status, FlightRadar24 has other unique features including cockpit view, augmented flight tracker appreality and 3D views.

The FlightRadar24 is a must have for any aviation enthusiast. You can track not only domestic flights but planes traveling in South America, Europe, New Zealand and Asia. Augmented reality allows you to point your phone at any plane in the sky and retrieve detailed information including flight number, origin, and destination. How cool is that?

FlightRadar24 comes in both a free, basic version, as well as more detailed versions ranging from $1.99 – $3.99 for iOS and Android.

So before your next trip, take a look at these affordable apps that can help make travel more efficient and entertaining!


That’s all you needed to know to get the best flight tracker app for your needs.


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