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Flight Radar Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is an international airport in the city of Birmingham, in the West Midlands of England. It is one of the busiest in England, and serves destinations all over the world, including destinations in Europe, the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, the Caribbean and North America. Nearly 12 million passengers pass through Birmingham Airport every year on their way to one of these destinations, meaning that there are always many planes in the air around Birmingham Airport at any one time. You can track these planes to their destinations all over the world by using the Flight Tracker on this site. Here you can choose a single flight to follow on the Flight Tracker over the map, or you can watch them all at once.

The History of Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport was founded in 1939 as Elmdon Airport, and opened by Princess Marina of Greece. Initial flights were to destinations within the UK, but after peace in 1945, the airport began to service international destinations. Birmingham Airport ran the first commercial mag-lev train service on its site, as well are serving as one of the destinations for the Concorde’s 2003 farewell tour. In 2014, the runway was extended by a further 400m, meaning that the airport is capable of servicing more flights than ever before. These flights are all viewable and track-able via our on site Flight Radar service.

Destinations from Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport has a wide variety of destinations available, allowing travel to all over the world. From Birmingham Airport you could travel to many destinations in Europe, as well as to long haul destinations in the Middle East, like Doha and Ashgabat, or to the Indian Subcontinent, and destinations like Amritsar, Delhi and Islamabad. Within Europe Birmingham services many low cost destinations, such as Faro, Lanzarote and Ibiza. Flights to any destination served by Birmingham Airport can be followed in real time using our easy to use Flight Tracker.

Airlines at Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is an operating base for many airlines, serving all budgets and travel routes. From Birmingham Airport you could catch a plane with BMI regional, Flybe, Jet2, Monarch, Ryanair, Thomas Cook and Thomson airlines, as well as many more. On top of these are the many European Airlines who run from Birmingham, such as Air France, Brussels Airlines, Czech Airlines, Iberia and Lufthansa. With so many airlines based at Birmingham there are many planes in the air around the airport, all of which can be viewed and tracked using our site’s Flight Tracker.

Flying from Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport is convenient for the 8 million people who live within only one hour’s drive. As well as the city of Birmingham, the airport is near to many major towns and cities, and is easily reached by train from the North West and South West of England, as well as much of Wales. Birmingham is an ideal start for any journey, from nearer destinations in Europe to much further away long haul journeys to India, the Caribbean and America. From Birmingham Airport you can travel all over the world, and on our site you can easily track which flights are headed to and from the airport.