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On our website you can find all sorts of useful information on 10 of the biggest airports in the UK. You can discover all of the flight departure and arrival times for each airport using our free and simple site, along with a short description and history of the airport. You can also track which flights are in the air around each airport, using our Flight Tracker. Tracking flights is fast and easy, and can be done on any kind of device, from a desktop PC, to a tablet or mobile.

London Heathrow Airport

Heathrow airport is the largest in the UK and one of the biggest in the world. It is the third busiest airport in the world by passenger traffic, and the busiest in Europe. Therefore, it is no surprise that London Heathrow has an enormous amount of traffic in and around its skies. On our website you can find out all the information you need about arrivals and departures at Heathrow, as well as using our Flight Tracker to follow planes in the vicinity. To learn more about London Heathrow, take a look at the page Flightradar Heathrow Airport.

London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick is a major airport in the South East of England. Although smaller than its London cousin Heathrow, Gatwick is still the second busiest airport in England, and the Eighth busiest in Europe. London Gatwick has been open to commercial flights since 1933, and so has a long history of air traffic. On our website you can find lots of interesting and useful information about Gatwick, from a short history and some interesting facts, to all the information about departures and arrivals.
Find all this, as well as our Flight Radar London Gatwick Airport.

Manchester Airport

Manchester Airport is the first on our list outside of London, and an ideal gateway to the North of England. The third busiest in the UK, Manchester runs flights to 199 destinations, allowing the traveller to experience any part of the world. There are a great deal of flights in the air around Manchester Airport at any one time, all of which can be followed using our Flight Tracker page. For more information about Manchester Airport, from when planes are arriving and departing, to how to best go plane spotting here, head to Flight Radar Manchester Airport

London Stansted

The airport London Stansted is a large airport in London, carrying passengers to over 170 destinations around the world. London Stansted opened to commercial airlines in 1966, and has since become a major base for low cost airlines in Europe. From here you can travel all over the world at a low price, making this a very popular airport. There are a huge number of planes in the air around Stansted at any one time, all of which can be tracker using our Flight Tracker. To learn more about which flights are coming and going at Stansted, go to Flight Radar London Stansted.

London Luton

London Luton Airport is the fifth largest in the UK – perhaps because it is so easily reached from London. Luton Airport is just north of London, and serves millions of passengers every year, largely to Europe, although North Africa and Asia are also served. Luton Airport is not the oldest in the UK, but it has come to service many destinations. The flight times for all of these, as well as the opportunity to track nearby flights using our flight radar service, can be found at Flight Radar London Luton.

Birmingham Airport

Birmingham Airport, formerly known as Elmdon Airport, is a major hub for both national and international travel within the UK. From as early as 1928 the City of Birmingham decided that it needed to have an airport, although Birmingham Airport as we know it now was not opened until 1939, as Elmdon Airport. You can discover everything you would like to know on our site, from the times of arrivals and departures to a short history of the airport. To learn more, visit Flight Radar Birmingham Airport.

Bristol Airport

Bristol Airport is the ninth busiest airport in the UK, servicing over 7.6 million passengers. Located in North Somerset, South West England, just outside the city of Bristol; the airport is a travel hub for not just Bristol, but all over the surrounding area, including parts of Wales, Devon and Somerset. Bristol Airport is a centre for low cost airlines, and all 20 of its most popular routes are within Europe. If you would like to know more about Bristol Airport, including the times and arrivals and departures, as well as where to use our Flight Tracker Radar system, visit Flight Radar Bristol Airport.

Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Liverpool John Lennon is an international airport in the North West of England, serving destinations nationally and across Europe and North Africa.In 2001 Liverpool Airport (as it was first known) was renamed after one of the city’s most famous sons, and for many years was one of the fastest growing airports in Europe. Today it serves around 5 million passengers every year. You can learn more about Liverpool John Lennon Airport on our website. We have information about departures and arrivals, as well as a Flight Tracker, and a short history of the airport at Flight Radar Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

Newcastle International Airport

Newcastle Airport is a large airport in the North East of England. It is one of the largest in the UK, and the second largest in the North of England. Newcastle Airport opened to commercial use after the Second World War, and soon saw its popularity boom with people in the North East of England starting to take low cost flights to Southern Europe. The airport today still operates many low cost flights to destinations all over Europe. Find out more about Newcastle Airport, including information about flight times on our site, at Flight Radar Newcastle International Airport.

East Midlands Airport

East Midlands Airport is the last on our list, although it is still a major base for international travel. Although not the busiest airport in the UK for passenger travel, it is the second busiest for cargo and freight. The only airport on our list not named for a single city, East Midlands Airport is located in between three major Midlands cities, Leicester, Derby and Nottingham, and serves all three. For more information on flights to and from East Midlands Airport, as well as information on plane spotting opportunities at the airport, use our site and visit Flight Radar East Midlands Airport.

This site is the best and easiest way to find out everything you could want to know about Airports in the UK. Here you will find information about the times of flight arrivals and departures at the ten most popular airports in the UK, as well as the opportunity to track flights around specific airports using our Flight Tracker Radar. You can even learn something of the histories of these airports, and some interesting facts. All of this within one easy to understand site.