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Flight Radar App

Flight radar 24 takes the form of an easily navigable website, but there is also a corresponding flightradar24 app. Smartphone users can take advantage of the convenient flight tracker 24 app to get live updates on flights that are of interest to them at any time. Set up notifications using the flight radar app so that whenever anything new happens on flightradar24 that is of interest to you, you will find out about it instantly.

The flight radar 24 app is available both in a free and a paid for version. The free flightradar24 app can be downloaded via Google Play or Itunes. The app provides you with basic data about flights of interest to you. The data that can be gleaned using the free version of the flight radar 24 app includes a plane’s route, flight number and callsign information. In addition, the free flightradar app lets you see photographic images of the majority of aircraft and also offers an augmented reality feature which lets you ‘see’ how the planes look as they are in the air. Users of the free flightradar app are also able to search for flights – and flight radar 24 lets you filter your searches by aircraft type, airline, route and date.

You can download Flightradar24 for Android devices here.

You can download Flightradar24 for Apple devices here.

Accessing and understanding the paid for live flight radar app

Further flight radar features can be accessed by upgrading to the paid flight radar plane tracker app. This paid for flightradar24 app is also available from Google Play. Using the paid for flight radar flight finder app provides you with more comprehensive data about aircraft of interest to you. When you pay for this live flight radar, flightradar will tell you the plane’s speed and altitude, and it will also enable you to filter your flightradar24 searches by these features.

Additionally, the paid for version of the flight radar plane tracker app allows you to find out all that you want about a plane by pointing your phone’s camera at it. Flight radar 24 will then use location and image recognition technology to identify the plane. A 7 day free trial is available for this paid for flightradar app, and after that it costs a mere $3.99. Other live flight radar features such as arrivals and departures, aircraft icons and custom alerts can then be obtained as in app purchases for prices ranging between $1.99 and $4.99.