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Flight Radar Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport is a major international airport in the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne, in the North East of England. It is the second busiest airport in the north of England, and the busiest in the North East. It serves nearly 5 million passengers per year, serving as a major transport hub for the region. The airport services both national and international flights, and is a major centre for low cost airlines in the North of England. You can easily track all the flights which are in the air near Newcastle Airport using the Flight Tracker which can be found on this site. Simply find Newcastle Airport on the map, and you will see all of the flights currently in air in the vicinity.

The History of Newcastle Airport

Although there was first an airport in Newcastle as early as 1935, it was not considered the main air travel hub in the region until after the Second World War. In the 1950s the airport began its growth, and soon local people were using the airport to travel to destinations within the UK. In the 1960s, as British people started to travel to Southern European countries such as Spain, Newcastle Airport began to grow as an international travel hub, with the launching of low cost fares to Southern Europe. In the 2000s the airport completed refurbishments on its terminal, and reached record numbers of passengers serviced.

Destinations from Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport provides many destinations to potential travellers, not just to popular holiday destinations in Southern Europe, but also to Scandinavia, and the Middle East. Some of the destinations serviced by Newcastle Airport include: Cork, Paris, Stavanger, Berlin, Split, Lanzarote and Dubai. Seasonally, more destinations open, to places such as Kos, Paphos, Palma and Grenoble. Using the free and easy Flight Tracker on this site you can follow any of the flights to and from Newcastle Airport while they are in the air.

Airlines at Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport is a centre for low cost airlines, largely destined for Europe, including easyJet, Flybe, Jet2, Ryanair, Thomas Cook and Thomson Airways. Air France, British Airways, Eurowings, KLM, Scandinavian Airlines and others also operate from Newcastle Airport. Newcastle Airport is a hub for cargo planes in the region, with FedEx Express, Royal Mail and Emirates Skycargo operating freight and cargo flights at the airport. Newcastle also has a flight school, where members of the public can learn to fly. All of the commercial airlines’ planes around Newcastle can be viewed on the Flight Radar on this site while they are in-air.

Flying from Newcastle Airport

Newcastle Airport is the largest airport in the North East of England, and so many of its passengers come from within the region. However, due to the region’s proximity to both Southern Scotland and Northern Yorkshire, many of the airport’s passengers come from these regions. Newcastle Airport is an ideal start point for a journey on one of the many low cost airlines which run from the airport, to one of the many destinations serviced. Using our Flight Tracker, you can watch the progress of all of the planes in the sky around Newcastle, either coming or going. Choose one plane in particular to follow, or watch the many come and go.