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Flight Radar Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is a large international airport in Ireland. The airport is located 10 km North of the city of Dublin in Collinstown. Dublin Airport served nearly 29.5 million passengers in 2017, it is the main airport of the country. The airport services national and international flights, every day there are flights to all over Europe, North America and the Middle East. All of the flights which come into and leave from Dublin Airport can be tracked for free on the Flight Tracker on this site.

The History of Dublin Airport

The history of the airport in Dublin begins in 1936, when airlines Aer Lingus was founded. Aer Lingus flew from the military airport of Bardanelle. A new Airport was built in 1940 and then moved all the activities of Aer Lingus. During the Second World War the airport was largely shut down until 1945 (was only regular civilian flight by Aer Lingus to Liverpool). After the war civilian flights re-opened. In 1993 the government of Ireland signed an agreement with the United States, which allowed airlines using airport services to make transatlantic flights without refuelling at Shannon Airport.

Destinations from Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport runs flights to many destinations, 95 % flights are is international flights. The most popular destinations for travellers from Dublin Airport are: Canberra, Perth, Melbourne, Salzburg, Vienna, Buenos Aires, Budapest and many other destinations.

Airlines at Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport serves as a base of operations for several airlines, including Aer Lingus, Aer Arann, CityJet, Ryanair. In Airport arrive flights of such airlines as Iberia Express, Etihad Airways, Arkia, Luxair, Scandinavian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, KLM, Vueling, Transavia France, Swiss International Air Lines, FlyOne, Emirates and many other airlines.

Flying from Dublin Airport

Dublin Airport is popular with people from Dublin and the nearby areas. Airport is connect with city only by buses or taxi. Flying from Dublin Airport offers a choice of flights, from local to long haul, and low cost to luxury. All of Dublin Airport flights can be tracked using the Flight Tracker on our site.