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Ryanair Flight Tracker

On this page you can easily track any Ryanair flight. You can turn this page into a Ryanair flight tracker in seconds! To track a Ryanair flight just follow the steps below:

  •  Make sure you have the flight number of the flight you want to track at hand;
  •  Click on looking glass logo in the top right corner of the flight radar screen;
  •  Fill in the Ryanair flight number;
  •  A drop down list will appear showing all flights related to your search query. Click on the one you want to track;
  •  The radar will now automatically start tracking the selected airplane and provide you with real time information about the flight

A brief overview of Ryanair

Ryanair was founded in 1984 and is currently the largest low budget airline in the world. The airline has a fleet of 428 aircrafts flying to 205 destinations. The destinations are mostly within Europe with the exceptions of Marokko, Israel and Nigeria. Ryanair’s businessmodel is very succesful due to their onward quest to save costs to increase their profibility.  A few measures they take are:

  • Their fleet consists of identical planes (Boeing 737-800) which reduces their maintanence costs
  • They strive to keep their planes in the air with short stops at the airports
  • They reduce the weight of the planes by reducing the size of their on-flight magazines.

The measures may seem small but they allow Rayanair to be very competitive with their ticketprices and increase their market share and profits every year.  To give a point of reference, their profits grew from €104 million in 2001 to €1,3 billion euros in 2017.