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Flight Radar Belfast City Airport

Belfast City Airport is a medium sized airport that is situated about 5 kilometres from the city centre of Belfast. Belfast City Airport is mostly used for flights within the United Kingdom.

The History of Belfast City Airport

In 1937 Sydenham Airport was founded next to the city of Sydenham. From 1938 until 1939 it was the main airport for civilians travelling to and from Belfast. When the second world war started the airport was used by the Royal Navy. Sydenham Airport was used until 1970 by the army for military purposes. In 1983 Sydenham Airport was renamed to Belfast Harbour Airport, at that time it also became a civilian airport again.

Destinations from Belfast City Airport

Much of the flights from Belfast City Airport are to the United Kingdom, there are a few exceptions though like Amsterdam, Málaga and Faro.
the top 5 airports looking at passengers are :

  1. London-Heathrow
  2. Manchester
  3. Birmingham
  4. Edinburgh
  5. Leeds Bradford

Airlines at Belfast City Airport

Belfast City Airport is a major hub for Flybe, which began operating at the airport in 1993 and today is the largest airport operator. In Belfast City Airport arrive flights of airlines such as Irish Aer Lingus, Dutch KLM, Irish Icelandair, British Eastern airways and British Airways and other airlines.

Flying from Belfast City Airport

Belfast City Airport can be reached easily by car, bus and rail. The airport located next to the Belfast harbour and just 3.2 km from city centre of Belfast. There is a daily bus transport between Belfast City Airport and Belfast International Airport. Belfast City Airport is a good place to take flights are to the United Kingdom or Málaga and Faro. All of Belfast City Airports flights can be tracked using the Flight Tracker on our site.