Top 5 Flight Tracker App Products

On average there are over 93,000 flights taking off and landing each day! These flights originate from over 9,000 airports around the world. That’s a lot of flights to keep track of – between 8,000 and 13,000 in the air at any given time, to be exact.

A flight tracker app is a great way to find out if flights are delayed or running on time, but some have much more advanced features for aviation enthusiasts.  Some include information from 40,000 feet, a view from the cockpit and which airport restaurants are the best and closest to your gate.

A flight tracker app can help people take the guesswork out of traveling. What once was a highly stressful experience is made easier by these downloadable tools.

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7 Travel Games for Kids at the Airport

Did you know that Brits will spend a total of about 12 days of their lives on an airplane?

If you’re bringing children onboard your next flight, it can sometimes be a challenge (not to mention a huge stress) coming up with ideas about how to keep them entertained.

In this post, we’re telling you our top 7 travel games for kids, so you can have fun while you’re waiting for your flight or on a layover at the airport! Read more

What Hand Luggage Liquids Can You Bring Onboard?

There are over 36 million flights in a single year.

And yes, recently, the trials of air travel have been making the news. 

So, what can you do to make sure that your flight goes as smoothly as possible?

While you may not be able to have any control over delays and cancellations, you can control what you bring on board.

In this post, we’re laying down the law about the hand luggage liquids you’re allowed to bring onboard your flight. Make sure you’re updated!

Knowing this before you head to the airport will save you time and stress – and airline employees will thank you! Read more