The 5 Best Layover Airport Tours

Long layovers are the bane of a traveler’s existence.

You’re often stuck at the airport. The layover is short enough that you don’t have time to explore or you don’t want the hassle of going back through security.

Couple this with the expensive food, WiFi, and uncomfortable seating.

You’d imagine these airports would accommodate for layovers. Maybe offer something different to keep travelers entertained.

Well… there are some airports changing what it means for the layover.

Airport tours are becoming a thing. Read more

One of the World’s Favorite Small Planes: The Cessna 172

Some people think change is good.

And, sometimes it is.

But when you’ve got something right, don’t change it. Keep doing what you’re doing.

It’s the same way with aviation.

You perfect your technology until its perfect. Then you don’t change a thing. You leave it as is.

If you change anything, you might run sometime.

It seems the manufacturers of the Cessna 172 feel exactly this way. Read more