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The 5 Best Layover Airport Tours

Long layovers are the bane of a traveler’s existence.

You’re often stuck at the airport. The layover is short enough that you don’t have time to explore or you don’t want the hassle of going back through security.

Couple this with the expensive food, WiFi, and uncomfortable seating.

You’d imagine these airports would accommodate for layovers. Maybe offer something different to keep travelers entertained.

Well… there are some airports changing what it means for the layover.

Airport tours are becoming a thing.

A Look at Airport Tours

These are short tours around a town/city that are managed and arranged by the airport or connected third-parties.

These tours give an individual the ability to go sightseeing, shopping, and tasting the local cuisine. The services will return you to the airport and hurry your security clearance which removes a ton of the hassle!

  1. The Doha Airport in Qatar offers a sightseeing tour around the Pearl-Qatar which houses many upscale markets and restaurants. These tours are done four times a day and last about 2h45m.
  2. The Incheon Airport in Seol, SK, has eight options for tours. These tours take you to places such as the Yonggungsa Temple, Heungryunsa Temple, a cave tour of the Gwangmyeong, and other city-center locations to experience the city through culture, dining, and shopping.
  3. The Changi Airport in Singapore offers two tours. These tours give guests the ability to explore different parts of the neighborhoods. Destinations include the Little India, Merlion Park, and areas like the Singapore Flyer and Gardens by the Bay.
  4. The Narita Airport in Tokyo, Japan is a mixture of self-guided and volunteer-guided tours around popular shopping areas of the city. These tours also share cultural learning experiences. Popular layover destinations with these tours include areas like the Shinsho-ji Temple. Tours range three hours.
  5. The Salt Lake City Airport in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States, has a mix of free tours for those passing through the city. The tour hour tours will take you to historic areas such as the Temple Square or the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. You’re more than welcome to explore other areas of the city if churches aren’t your thing.
  6. The Ataturk Airport in Istanbul, Turkey gives you access to the beauty of the city. These short tours show off historical sights which is something special since the area is one of the oldest cities in the World!

Many of these tours are offered for free!

You’ll need to keep your items in a locker at the airport. It’s totally worth it considering you’d have been sitting around not doing much anyway, right?

airport tours

Adding More to the Travel

The addition of these airport tours will be delightful for any traveler that’s itching to see a city but feel trapped and stuck waiting.

It may actually influence your travel plans!

Imagine choosing a layover in one of these cities and pre-planning the tour. It’s better than stuck in some hub, drinking expensive beers, and eating overpriced food.

You’ll need to keep track of time but it does create a unique opportunity!

Take a look around and watch the popular flights. Settle in on a great destination. The days of the boring layovers are over!

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