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Some things you might not know about Aviation!

We can all agree that one of mankind’s crowning achievements is the ability to take to the sky. But did you know these facts about aviation?

Georde Cayley?

In 1799, English aviator George Cayley built the first glider able to travel short distances, paving the way for the Wright Brothers, who carefully studied Cayley’s work when developing their own flying machines. Since then, it’s safe to say the world of aviation has become a phenomenon even its originators would struggle to recognize. These days, an estimated 3.8 billion people have flown on a commercial airliner. That’s half the global population. Yet, even for the most seasoned traveler, there’s perhaps a thing or two about aviation they might find surprising…

Predict weather by using contrails!

A commercial jet has an average cruising speed of 550-580 mph, and its contrails can be used to predict the weather. Thin, short trails mean low humidity and fair conditions, while a thicker, longer trail means there’s a storm brewing! And for those on board, the changing air pressure can numb up to a third of your taste buds. The end result? Airlines adding extra spices and salt to your in-flight meal. Or, if you’re Lufthansa, extra caviar. They buy over 10 tons of it a year, making them the largest purchases of caviar on the face of the planet!


How many flights each day?

In the US alone, 2 million passengers take over 30,000 flights each day. The United States also lays claim to operating the world’s busiest airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International. Beijing Capital International comes in a close second, while Chicago’s O’Hare beats them both with its sheer number of take-offs and landings. The longest flight you can take is Sydney to Dallas; a duration of 16 hrs and 50 minutes. And, bearing in mind that travelling by air can mean losing up to 1.5 litres of water from your body, you’d do well to stay hydrated! Or, if you’re flying with Singapore Airlines, maybe a drink from the bar? They spend over $16 million on wine each year! Something to remember the next time you’re striking out for that great, blue yonder…