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7 Important Travel Tips for Brits Visiting America

Many people in Britain see America as their dreamland which is “the land of the free and the home of the brave”. The U.S., with its endless landscapes and world-famous landmarks of all sizes, is among the most popular destinations for both the eyes and stomach that other countries can never be compared to. However, before setting out for your American adventure, several considerations must be made by any astute Brit. Going from making it through a meal to getting the hang of the road trip culture, this guide on travel will make your American getaway a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


1. Understanding Your Food Portions.

There are some peculiarities of American life! The first thing one can mark about America is that all its facilities include servings in restaurants! If you don’t manage to eat at all, feel free to ask for a “doggy bag”. It is quite normal here. Eating moderately while savoring every bite of a giant American Burger or a sumptuous all-you-can-eat buffet. And do indulge in those classic American delicacies: Chicago-style deep-dish pizza, southern-style BBQ, and New York hot dogs.

2. The Great American Road Trip

The most American way to uncover its greatness is undoubtedly by taking a road trip! There is nothing more American than open highways, glorious views, and charming roadside attractions. However, keep in mind that driving here works differently compared to the UK. One can travel in South Africa to very great distances because they use right-direction driving. Remember, get an International Driving Permit even before you leave. In addition, it is advisable when covering longer distances to hire a good fuel-efficient vehicle.

3. Understand the Healthcare System

It is important to be prepared in case one gets sick while in America. Make sure that you have comprehensive travel insurance covering all aspects of any contingency including medical emergencies before embarkation. Carry key medical information and your prescription with you at all times and know nearby hospitals and clinics. Please remember that in case you need medical help, dial 911 for an emergency service.

4. Adapt to Tipping Culture

In the U.S., tipping isn’t just encouraged, it’s expected. Tips often help supplement the incomes of servers, taxi drivers, and other service people. Typically, one is supposed to tip about 15 – 20% of the billing. Therefore, remember to tip at all times while eating out or using services, because it is never indicated on the bill.

5. Time Zones Can Be Tricky

However, America covers several time zones which could confuse someone. Check also the time zone in the place where you are at present if you are taking a connecting aircraft. Bear in mind that time can change between districts; therefore, watch your schedule.

6. Document Check

Don’t forget your travel documents. Check whether your passport is still valid for six months or more after your intended date of return. Finally, take along copies of crucial papers such as passport, visa, travel insurance, and flight details. So if you happen to require a British-style passport photo for any urgent documentation while on your journey simply log onto digital passport photos by Photobooth and get one easily.

7. Visa Requirements

Do consider that as a Brit you do not require a visa for short holidays in America, but make sure to have an apt visa in case you are planning on working or studying there. Other forms of travel are subject to change; please visit the US Embassy’s website.

To venture into an American life is something grand filled with memorable experiences. Therefore, here are some of the tips to follow, enjoy the American spirit, and prepare to be amazed by the greatness and variety in the United States of America.


Therefore, taking a walk as a Brit in America proves an amazing adventure, where numerous discoveries meet different experiences of a particular culture. Mastering the art of food portions, a great American road trip, understanding the healthcare system, and adapting to tips, time zones, and document keeping will ensure a memorable adventure trip. Therefore, get ready, update your passport, and go on an American adventure; explore it to revel in its secret beauty and enchantment. Safe travels!