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London – New York is the most profitable route for airlines

In 2019 the line between London and New York has been the most profitable route for airlines. It is the only route that ensures a profit of more than 1 billion dollars a year. The research company OAG has analyzed a number of routes and it has now published the details.

British Airways

British Airways profits most from this route. It exploits 600 flights on this route per month. A third of all tickets booked are tickets for business class and first class. That provides extra income for the airline. The aircraft uses Boeing 777-200’s and 747’s to fly to New York and back 15 times a day.

0AG has published a top-ten of most profitable flight routes. The following routes also made the top 10:

• The route Heathrow – Dubai provided Emirates airlines with an annual turnover of almost 800.000 dollars. The hourly turnover was just under 25 thousand dollars.
• The route Heathrow – Singapore Changi provided Singapore Airlines with an annual turnover of almost 736 thousand dollars. That results in an hourly turnover of almost 20 thousand dollars.
• Next, the route Los Angeles LAX to New York JFK proved to be able to make a lot of money. The annual turnover was almost 700 000 euro’s, making for an incredible turnover per hour.

Further research

Unfortunately, it is not possible to compare these figures with other research as this was a single investigation. Therefore, it is not clear If the turnovers can be expected to continue to rise in the following years.