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San Francisco international airport will ban plastic bottles

The international airport in San Francisco is planning to ban all plastic water bottles from the airport. The measure should take effect as of August 20th this year. As of that date passengers will only be able to buy reusable bottles made of glass or metal at the airport. The airport does not want passengers to have to pay for this decision. Therefore, there will be approximately 100 hydration stations at the airport were passengers can refill their bottles with drinking water for free.

The measure will apply to all restaurants, bars and automated services at the airport. On board of airplanes, airlines will still be permitted to serve water that has been bottled in plastic. Soda’s will also still be available in plastic bottles at the airport.

Measures to support the environment

San Francisco international airport is taking these measures to support the environment. It wants to help get rid of the big plastic soup in the oceans. Also, it wants to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions and it wants to use less resources in general. This all fits in to the plans of many airlines and other airports that are becoming more environmentally friendly. Some airlines have already made the meals that they serve on board of flights plastic free. Also, some airlines are experimenting with more environmentally-free forms of fuel.

Flying is not necessarily the form of transport that is more detrimental to the environment. However, all necessary measures must be taken to protect the environment now.