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Ryanair is starting to lose its patience with Boeing

Now that the return of Boeing 737 Max aircrafts is being delayed even further, Ryanair is starting to lose patience. More and more problems are being found when it comes to the construction of the airplane. This is not only costing Boeing a lot of money, but also the different airlines that rely on the planes.

Ryanair & the Boeing 737 Max

Ryanair states that the problems with the 737 Max are influencing its growth. The airline previously ordered 135 Max airplanes. A Ryanair spokesman stated that he is even afraid that the aircrafts will not have returned in the sky by the summer of 2020. That would lead to more problems, as Ryanair would then only be able to fly with 30 aircrafts instead of 58, even during the high season. Ryanair even fears that jobs may be lost due to the issues.

The airline is completely dependent on the Boeing 737 Max aircrafts to grow. The longer it takes, the more its grow will be influenced. This can be beneficial do the competitors. Wizz Air, which is one of the main competitors of the Ryanair has already announced that it is actually benefitting from the problems with the Boeing 737 Max aircrafts.

What happened earlier

All Boeing 737 Max aircrafts have been grounded all over the world. To do this was decided after two serious accidents happened with the aircraft in Asia and Africa. Whereas the original decision as taking in March, more delay is expected.  Ferry flights are allowed in certain instances.