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Elderly man from Serbia admits to doing false bomb report

An elderly man from Serbia admitted in court on Saturday that he did a false bomb report because he wanted to date one of the flight attendants. Due to what the man did the flight was delayed by more than eight hours. It appears that the man acted out of love and most details have now been made public.

An obsession

The man seems to have been obsessed with two female flight attendants that work for Lufthansa. Het met them on Wednesday last week. He had asked them to dinner, but they refused this. The 65-year-old man however refused to give up. He tried to find the flight attendants in their hotel at night. He especially liked one of the two flight attendants. He took one final attempt on the day that they were supposed to leave the country. He called the Serbian ministry of Foreign Affairs and reported that there was a bomb on the plane that the women were supposed to be on.

The consequences

The flight, that was going to leave Belgrade to fly to Frankfurt had to be evacuated just before departure. The whole aircraft was checked by the authorities. Of course, nothing was found. Eventually the local police managed to trace the Serbian man. He is being prosecuted, amongst other things, for causing panic. At this point it is unclear what the sentence will be and when the judge will declare it. The man will probably not be sentenced to pay the costs of the operation, that can run in to ten thousands of euro’s. Needless to say, the women and the man have not been in contact and a future date will probably never take place. The women themselves have not responded to the news and neither has Lufthansa.