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Important test flight with Boeing 737 Max to take place in October

The American authorities are planning to perform as test flight with the Boeing 737 Max in October. This test flight forms part of the plan to allow the Boeing 737 Max to return to the skies again.

About the test

The American flight authorities have announced that they have invited a select group of pilots from different airlines to perform flight simulations with the aircraft. It is also expected that the American authorities will publish new recommendations on what to do to allow flights with Boeing 737 Max aircraft again containing passengers. This appears to be a clear indication that the Boeing 737 Max aircrafts can return to the skies soon, and possibly even before the end of the year.

Earlier accidents

All Boeing 737 Max aircrafts have been grounded all over the world. This happened earlier this year after two accidents occurred with the aircraft in Africa and Asia. Since then only so-called ferry flights are permitted. These are flights without passengers, usually performed to bring a certain aircraft home. There are a number of European countries that also not allow ferry flights in their airspace. There have been numerous delays in bringing the Boeing 737 Max back to the skies. Originally, the aircraft should have been available again as of August 2019.


Boeing itself estimates that the airplanes will return to the sky in the last quarter of 2019. It is going to increase production as of October of this year. As of then it wants to return the production to 47 aircrafts per month. As of February 2020, it wants to produce 52 aircrafts per month. Eventually the capacity will be increased to 57 aircrafts per month. Boeing never fully stopped the production of the aircrafts and therefore there are numerous aircrafts parked throughout the United States.