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Airbus Launches A New App ‘TripSet’

Airbus announced the launch of its new mobile app called ‘TripSet’, on Thursday 25 March 2021. The app is designed to track bookings, travel restrictions, and it also provides users with other necessary information for their trips.

The aircraft manufacturing giant is optimistic that the new app will boost confidence in travelers, and be an encouragement for many people to begin traveling once more.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, passengers are faced with several problems such as travel restrictions, changing flight schedules, and testing requirements. This has discouraged most people from traveling, and further reduced their confidence in the safety and ease of travel.

Airbus is hopeful that such challenges can be addressed when travelers have access to all necessary information in their user-friendly app.

TripSet is designed as a multi-faceted app that can collate information from credible sources regarding travel restrictions, entry requirements, and also changes to flight schedules, to keep travelers well-informed and up to date. Such real-time data is hoped to promote less stressful experiences on journies.

The new app is based on the existing iflyA380 app. The app is designed to have interfaces. On the first interface, passengers will be able to see available flights and airport information. This part is accessible before a passenger purchases a ticket.

The next interface comes up after a passenger purchase a ticket. the app provides information relevant to a passenger’s flight plan such as necessary COVID-19 tests, and what to do on arrival.

In a statement on their website, Airbus said,

“Tripset is part of Airbus’ continuing commitment, alongside airlines, industry partners, and regulatory agencies, to encourage the flying public to keep trust in air travel, supporting the safe and well-coordinated return to flight, which is essential for economic recovery from COVID-19.”

Aiming to promote global travel, TripSet is designed to be usable by passengers from different countries, no matter the airline, aircraft, or airport they are using. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms.