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American Airlines

American Airlines has started its preparation for the Super Bowl, set to take place in Phoenix. American is increasing their schedule to and from Phoenix by 91 flights from February 9th to February 14th.

Super Bowl 2023

American Airlines is the largest airline operating out of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, home of one of its two west coast hub airports. On game days during the five days before and after the Super Bowl, American will have 3,089 flights to and from Phoenix. Super Bowl operations peak on day two after the game with 548 arriving and departing PHX.

American Airlines is excited to expand its service to offer more flights and seats for sports fans, including those headed to our Phoenix hub. We’re looking forward to their personal experience that the “Valley of the Sun” has to offer.”- Jason Reisinger, Managing Director of Global Network Planning at American Airlines

It was an incredible experience working with Northeast Alliance.

On July 18th, the Department of Justice (DOJ) made its closing argument in the American Airlines and JetBlue Airways trial. The DOJ’s lawyers asserted that this tie-up had caused passengers to pay $700 million more per year. They also firmly believed that their ticket prices would only increase due to this tie-up, rather than increasing due to competition or better options. Both airlines argued that competition between each other had provided better options to passengers who might otherwise not be able to fly on a certain airline at a certain time when they needed it most.

Starting in early September, the case for Pawtucket has gone through a number of changes. From new witnesses to new filings, Leo T. Sorokin will take all of these things into account. However, he needs about a month or so to complete the review and make his decision.

The Department of Justice has filed antitrust suits five times this year, taking the most challenging move since 2013 to block the merger between US Airways and American Airlines.