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If you’re looking for an airline to help reduce your travel costs, this is it. The Belfast International startup, created by three established aviation figures, plans to launch all year round in 2024, with a lower-cost operating system flown by 737 MAXs or A321neos.
One of the goals and advisors for WOW Air was the same as NOR (the lead investor for Cobalt Air). And all three figures were from an airline that has also been considered in the past decade. Belfast no longer has American flights, but it has had Continental, United (a change from Continental), Norwegian, Virgin Atlantic, Thomas Cook, and Jet2.

Fly Atlantic: what’s known?

In a statement on its website, the startup outlined its plans for operating six MAXs or A321neos in the initial phases prior to raising it to 18 by 2028. Flights are expected to go on sale beginning in the first three months of 2024 and 35 routes will be operated according to plan. In a statement, the company’s CEO said he looked forward to expanding operations.

The vision of the Northern Ireland hub is to make it a strong aviation hub linking Europe and North America. Its lack of direct transatlantic air service has clearly been an impediment to the region’s economic development and tourism.

“In order to grow its international bio-economy, Belfast International Airport needed a new runway. The Council stepped in and granted planning permission for the construction of this project to create thousands of jobs and opportunities for growth.”

When it comes to connectivity, Mayor Ross believes that “improving it is critical for economic development.” With his willingness to embrace technology, he’s confident that Fly Atlantic and Belfast International Airport can create a partnership that leads to a better future for Northern Ireland.

Belfast International Airport’s Managing Director, Graham Keddie, said that this would have significant economic benefits for Northern Ireland’s economy. The airport looks forward to Fly Atlantic bringing the project to completion so it can benefit the local community in Belfast.

Who’s setting up the shop?

Fly Atlantic with Andrew Pyne, Guy Maclean, and Paul Simmonds appears to be from Channel Airways. However, there are a number of websites listing Andrew Pyne and Michael Richardson as co-founders, leading some to believe that Fly Atlantic has been plotted by Fly Loft.

Andrew Pyne, CEO of Fly Atlantic, is a seasoned executive with decades of experience and success in the aviation industry.

Guy Maclean, who is the current COO of Fly Atlantic as well as a former executive of TUS Airlines and Cobalt Air, has held roles in quality assurance at Avianova.

Paul Simmons is the CCO of Fly Atlantic. He previously held Executive Director positions with Blue Islands, Cobalt Air, the Air Arabia Group, Malaysia Airlines, Flybe and easyJet in the United Kingdom.

Belfast to the United States

Providing a seamless option between Northern Ireland and North America increases demand, which is a major factor in increasing revenue.
I don’t know the exact figures, but I’m reasonably certain thousands of travelers fly to Ireland, a two-hour flight away, on their way to the US. Thousands more make their way there through preclearance. Some choose preclearance with lower fares in exchange for less time waiting in queues at the airport. Others fly to England and follow a direct route to the US. With nonstop flights, they can hope for cheaper prices than those of US airlines.

Fly Atlantic is a new Ryanair subsidiary that would partly target passengers on the way to or from Europe. Ireland still has no low-cost alternatives, so Fly Atlantic could be a compelling solution for travelers who want to break their trip up in Dublin.