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British Airways to extend VeriFLY Health Passport To All Inbound Flights

A week ago, British Airways started offering a health passport app provided by VeriFLY. The application allows passengers to avoid tedious queues for document checks at the airport by completing them before leaving home. Previously, the app was only used for those departing the United Kingdom for the United States. Now, the mobile travel health app, VeriFLY has been extended to all inbound flights to the UK from the 15th of February, optional for eligible customers. 

The advent of COVID-19 and the ever-changing world with diverse issues coming up has necessitated the use of tech to solve some imminent problems. Continuous inventions in tech have continued to ease busy travelling schedules and plans unlike what it used to be like in the past. Travellers can now use VeriFLY to certify their test certificates and required travel documentation on their personal mobile device. 

Those unable or unwilling to use the app can still undergo manual document verification at the airport. The airline and its parent, IAG, are also working with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for the approval of its Travel Pass app. The application is designed to help those eligible to travel to navigate the changing entry requirements and facilitate a seamless journey by ensuring customers are ready to fly and have the appropriate documentation in place, before departing for the airport.

The trial is part of the airline’s ongoing work to explore digital health travel wallet and document verification solutions which help customers and support the government in ensuring conformance with the UK’s entry requirements.

VeriFLY APP tailors its checks by country, meaning that it is easy to understand the requirements country by country. From Monday, British Airways will begin offering the app for UK arrivals. This is the same date that the British Government will tighten its requirements for arrivals in England. The app will check for people that have:

  • A negative COVID-19 test meeting the relevant requirements.
  • Booked COVID-19 tests for days two and eight of their quarantine.
  • Completed a passenger locator form ahead of travel.