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Tips for plane travel with children

Perhaps one of the most beautiful experiences that families can have, especially for the small ones, is travel. The little ones have a different perception of the world and travel long distances, especially air travel, for them it can result in a truly magical experience. Much more if those places that are visited turn out to be different from the environment where they usually live, because it seems to be a fairy tale and often they keep those trips in their small memories. But if they are still too small to remember, the photographic record will always be a very nice souvenir for the years to come.
But not everything is that easy, because, although traveling with children has certain important benefits, it is also an activity that need us to take good care, especially when traveling by plane because of the characteristics of airports, airplanes and the intrinsic needs of the little kids. This does not have to be an impediment to traveling with children, you just need to know what is the best way to proceed and everything will be much simpler. That’s why today we bring some tips for traveling with children:

Flight time is important

One of the most common fears of traveling with children is to think that they will cry all the time and annoy the rest of the passengers, but this is not always true. Usually, when they reach the end of crying without stopping, it is because they have some discomfort, we must remember that they are small and that they do not know how to express themselves in the right way, so it is best to try to make them as comfortable as possible.
And one of the ways to keep them more comfortable is to take care of the flight time. Many people are used to traveling early in the morning, but this is not a good idea when traveling with children, since it makes them moody. Imagine, if even adults bother waking up early, the children will be moodier. The same with night trips, unless it is late night, and they can fall asleep throughout the night. But the most advisable thing is to do it at noon, between 11 and 14 hours, so that the children eat something before getting on the plane and that up there they only have to take a nap.

Beware of luggage

This is one of the most important things to keep in mind, because when traveling with children, you run the risk of carrying excessive luggage, which could make the trip much more cumbersome. Children have many needs, especially if they are very young, so there are many cautious parents who always leave home with a complete kit of care for children, but this is not always necessary. In fact, carrying so many things will make the trip more complicated.
Keep in mind that most of the products can be found in almost any country in the world and in case you travel to a country where you cannot find basic products for children, it is best not to travel with them. But if you know that you will go to a place where you can find good diaper brands or anything else they need, then do not carry it in your luggage, just the most important things. Take only the most necessary, such as more clothes in case the little ones get dirty, because the rest of things you can buy in the place where you will visit.

Take care of the food

Depending on the child’s age, food during the trip will be a simpler or somewhat more difficult topic. With children who are still in the breastfeeding stage, there is not much problem, because everything they need to eat is in their mother’s milk.
With children who take a bottle, it is good to take the bottle of the day, because there will be no problems in carrying it. But it is important to find out what bottle they can buy for them in the place where they are going.
With children who are beginning to eat solids, it is recommended to take at least two meals in closed containers, so that when they are hungry, they can eat. It is also recommended that it be easily digestible foods.
And with the slightly older children, who already eat normally, there is no need to worry, because in most of the flights, if it is on hours of a meal, they give a whole meal or some snack for the passengers. If you travel at noon, as we said above, taking them to lunch before they get on the plane is a good idea. Lately in many of the airports of the world there are different culinary proposals, so you can find something healthy for the little ones.

Take good care of the logistics for the trip

Traveling with children will not mean much trouble as long as everything is planned before. Of course, there are many things that cannot be planned, but everything that can be done before will represent much more peace of mind during the trip. And it is important to make it clear that, when traveling with children, you should not take the visa on arrival option under any circumstances.
The visa application procedures on arrival can usually take some time and as they are done once you disembark, the children will probably find themselves a bit moody, because they may have woken up from the nap or because they were bored during the trip, then Applying for a visa on arrival will become a problem.
That is why the best option when traveling with children is to travel to places that have visa or travel authorization systems that can be made online after the trip. And to make the trip quieter and less cumbersome, it is best to contact an online visa application agency such as that offer help to apply for visas for a wide range of countries.

Don’t forget to have fun!

The last and most important advice is that you don’t forget to have fun and enjoy with your little ones. Because they are only small once, when these experiences grow they will be invaluable.