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United Airlines flight diverted after a troublesome passenger hits flight attendant, says ‘I will kill you’

A passenger of United Airlines is currently being held in federal custody after apparently hitting one of the crew members in the face where he was denied to consume more alcohol. The flight took off from Los Angeles going to Narita in Japan however, due to the incident, it was diverted to Anchorage in Alaska.

The passenger was identified as Seksan Kumtong. One of the crew members noticed him banging on the airport bathroom doors. The flight attendant tried to assist him to a different restroom available but he failed. He then began acting up troublesome into the flight.

Seksan Kumtong eventually returned to his respective seat and fell asleep. The moment he woke up, he ordered more alcoholic beverages but was denied. Afterward, he then began swearing out lout before striking a flight attendant in the face. He also grabs the flight attendant by the neck and tie. He attempted to take the crew member on the floor of the aircraft. And at one point, Kumtong also yelled this line; I will kill you. Those details are included in the affidavit.

Other crew members and the rest of the passengers jumped in to restrain the disruptive and unethical customer. The United Airlines were able to get hold of him before the flight was diverted to Anchorage, Alaska.

United Airlines released a statement with Fox News that its top priority is the safety and security of its employees as well as their passengers. It also gives details on the United flight 32 that is supposedly heading to Tokyo Narita from Los Angeles but was diverted to Anchorage, Alaska due to the disruptive customer named Seksan Kumtong. It’s good news that the flight landed safely and was met by local officials. The disruptive customer was removed and they are working out their best to get the remaining customers on their way to their original destination as soon as possible.

According to the spokesperson of the U.S. Attorney’s Office in the District of Alaska, Kumtong was able to appear in court earlier and he’s scheduled to return for another hearing on Tuesday, February 11, 2020.

The disruptive passenger, Sekan Kumtong is being accused of interfering with one of the flight crew members or flight attendants on the United Airlines flight 32 departing from Los Angeles and supposedly heading to Narita, Japan.