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Turkish Airlines and Japan Airlines scored highest in passenger satisfaction poll

There was a recently concluded survey and the results denote that Turkish Airlines and Japan Airlines got the top scores in terms of passenger satisfaction for the International air travel market.

According to the results gathered and analyzed by JD Power 2019 Airline International Destination Satisfaction Survey Study, the factors that help in boosting one’s carrier overall passenger satisfaction are food and beverage and in-flight entertainment. These completely outrank ticket prices as per the chosen target market which is the international travelers. As for the long-haul flights commencing from North America to Europe and Asia, the primary drivers of passenger satisfaction among international travelers are still food and beverage offerings of a specific airline company.

Turkish Airlines was able to receive the top score making it the top-in-class for carriers servicing between North America and Europe. It was then followed by Virgin Atlantic and British Airways respectively.

On the other hand, Japan Airlines was on top of the list when it comes to those carriers that offer flights between North America and Asia. It was then followed by Delta Airlines and Korean Air.

According to Michael Taylor, a lead travel intelligence analyst, it’s basic that the lower the fare, the more passenger will the book their flight with you. This has been the most common way to attract those first-time international passengers.

But if you want to retain more passengers and encourage them to book their next trip with your company again, especially on the Europe and Asia routes, it’s always about delighting passengers with excellent in-flight services and experiences. To be able to do such things, make sure that your airline company can offer food and beverage that are unique to the airline’s culture and was also able to manage to deliver a flavor that passengers will like proven that taste buds become less sensitive.

As per the report recently released, almost 6,285 passengers had evaluated the given airline companies based on nine different factors namely cost and fees, aircraft, flight crew, check-in, boarding, immigration, baggage, reservation, and in-flight service. Other factors were also listed which tend to attract repeat customers such as reputation, good customer service, convenient scheduling, and lower ticket prices. The results also convey that luggage fees and availability of Wi-Fi onboard and direct flights are given less importance as per the international travelers but are significant factors for those domestic flyers.