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Frontier Airlines passengers receive a flight change email ahead of Thanksgiving travel rush

In line with the busy Thanksgiving travel rush, Front Airline passengers received a rude surprise in their inbox which state on the subject line that there has been a change on the passengers’ upcoming flight. It was not stated in the email what exactly was modified or which part of the trip is affected especially if you booked a roundtrip flight. Besides, its implication suggested a flight cancellation since it directed travelers to communicate and call Frontier Airlines’ rebooking hotline with regards to the re-accommodation options.

Unfortunately, the given customer service hotline, which is not a toll-free at the discount airline, was immediately busy. Some travelers reported getting voicemail instead. We’ve looked further into the airline’s customer service account (@frontiercare) on Twitter, but it did not address several posts about the issue as well as its main account (@flyfrontier) for a couple of hours which makes the passenger more frustrated.

At exactly 10 PM, the airline company then acknowledge the problem and released a statement that it was a technical issue and that the email was sent in error. It asks the passengers that they can confirm the details of their flight on the website by entering the confirmation number provided. Frontier Airlines also apologizes for this mishap. The spokesman of the airline, Zach Kramer told USA Today that they are currently investigating the matter onto what caused that email.

One of the passengers, Steven Harms is scheduled to fly from Cincinnati, Ohio, to Denver on Monday intended for Thanksgiving. To give you a brief background, Denver is the home base of Frontier Airlines. He then received the said email after dinner. He was indeed terrified since the said flights are coming up in a few days already. The schedule is fast approaching. He thought that rebooking the flight would be a tough situation since it’s also a holiday. Yes, he called the given rebooking hotline a couple of times but received a message that the airline is receiving a high call volume then it hung up and the other time he tried, he keeps getting a busy signal. He was pre-occupied regarding this matter and was concerned that if he didn’t get an answer from the airline company soon, he needs to make a backup plan in terms of booking, which likely would greatly cost significantly more expensive on his side.