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List of airline companies that are most likely to bump you

According to the new study and findings released, if you’ll fly on Frontier Airlines or Spirit Airlines, the chances to get bumped is bigger than any other U.S. airline companies. The study was initiated by Upgraded Points. They looked back at the figures of involuntarily denied passengers last year, 2018. They’ve found out that Frontier Airlines bumped 6.28 passengers per 100,000 people, a total of 1,219 people. Spirit Airlines comes after them. It bumped 5.57 passengers per 100,000 which is 1,529 in total.

Since the year is about to end, the travel season then is fast approaching as the majority of people heads home to celebrate the holiday seasons. Being its peak travel season, the chance to get bump is doubled. Have you experienced being left stranded at the airport for a couple of hours? If so, you’ll surely know how well you can deal with it. According to the founder and CEO of Upgraded Points, Mr. Alex Miller, he understands the concerns of the people. It’s frustrating to get bumped from an overbooked flight especially when you’re trying to get home. Also, getting bumped nowadays is becoming less and less common. Such an update follows a trend identified last year by the Department of Transportation – the U.S. It’s also declared that in the year 2017, there are fewer passengers kicked-off flights as being compared with the data being recorded since 1995. Alaska Airlines also followed in third place bumping 2.3 passengers per 100,000 or equivalent to 743 people in total.

The given airlines came in far above other U.S. carriers in terms of such scenario; bumping passengers. On the other hand, American Airlines also bumped around 2,614 people in the year 2018. This is according to the study conducted on most of any U.S. airline companies. That only accounts for 1.95 passengers per 100,000. The said airline company also initiated an effort to prevent anyone from getting bumped by allowing its passengers to volunteer to give up their seat. This is noted when they check-in for their flight using the app as well as in terms of confirming a new flight and get compensated for it.

Delta also bumped the fewest people per 100,000 passengers last year, 2018, with a rate of only .02 or equivalent to 22 passengers. Just a piece of recommendation, if you want to make it home just in time for dinner, then Delta got you covered.