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Boeing 747 and Airbus A330 to the bottom of the ocean

In Bahrain a Boeing 747 is being transported to the bottom of the ocean. This is being done because the plane will form part of the largest diving park in the world. A similar thing is currently being done in Turkey.


The aircraft that is being sent to the bottom of the ocean in Bahrain is a 38-year-old plane that flew for Malaysia Airlines, Air Atlanta Icelandic and a number of other airlines. During the last few months the aircraft has been stripped, to avoid damage to the environment.

The park will be approximately 100.000 square meters and it will be named Dive Bahrain. It is due to open this August. There will also be scientific research performed in the park. The Jumbo Jet will be the highlight of the park. Bahrain hopes and expects to draw tourists from over the whole word to this unique attraction.


Last Friday Turkey brought an Airbus A330-300 to the bottom of the ocean. This aircraft used to fly for Saudi Arabian Airlines and Onur Air. The aircraft has been placed on the bottom of the Aegean Sea, approximately 1,5 kilometers away from Ibrice Port, near Istanbul. This too has been done for the purpose of creating a diving park. Earlier, Turkey already sank an Airbus A300.  Spectaculair images The whole operation has been filmed and the images can be found at different locations online. The costs involved with this operation have not been published. It can however be expected that this can be the new place-to-be from divers around the whole world.