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United Airlines claims the most environmentally friendly flight ever

United Airlines claims that it has performed the most environmentally friendly flight ever. A combination of measures led to United Airlines claiming this. The specific flight was a flight with a Boeing 737-900ER from Chicago to Los Angeles. 

What measures did United Airlines take?

First of all, United Airlines took measures when it came to the fuel that it used for the flight. United Airlines used a unique combination of regular kerosene (70%) and biofuel (30%). United Airlines claims that this reduced the greenhouse gases with 60%. It is not known if other airlines have also turned to this alternative before. 


Next, United Airlines also took certain measures when it comes to the passengers, in particular regarding their meals. The passengers received their food and drink in re-usable cups and bottles. The airline also performed a test with recyclable paper to serve hot drinks in. Other materials, like stirrers, were made from bamboo instead of from plastic. Finally, the paper bands that are used to keep cutlery together have been replaced by a more ecological alternative.

More and more airlines want to become more sustainable

United airlines is not the first airline that wants to contribute to a cleaner earth. Other examples include Air France, that is banning all disposable plastics from its plans and their partner KLM which is building a new factory for biofuel in the Netherlands. Ryanair is now publishing a monthly report about its Co2 output. At the same time, the Weeze airport in Germany proudly informed the world that it had reached its CO2-neutrality target. 

Principally, flying can cause a lot of harm to the environment. Not only airlines are taking measures, but also airports and taxes are being imposed on individuals. Flying however, is not necessarily more harmful then other forms of transport.