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British Airways is celebrating its 100th birthday! But are they a hundred???

British Airways is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. But is the company actually that old?

British Airways as we know it today started to exist on 31 March 1974. So that’s not even remotely close to a hundred years. This is when the British Oversear Corporation (BOAC) and the British European Airways (BEA) merged.

So then why is British Airways claiming they are a hundred years old?

This is because British Airways had a predecessor called BA: Aircraft Transport, which was founded in 1919. They managed to accomplish the first regular flight service. However they filed bankruptcy a year later and then got bought up by a company called Daimler Airway. Which in turn merged with 3 other airlines to become Imperial Airways.

Then during the second world war, Imperial and British Airways limited needed to move from London to Bristol where they merged into BOAC. And as you read they merged in 1974 with BEA to become British Airways.

British Airways is one of the biggest airlines in Britain and people track flights of theirs a lot!

So you tell us, do you think British Airways is a 100 years old?

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