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The Singapore Airlines Group has been quick to capitalize on a new travel policy that provides greater freedom in traveling to more countries. In October of this year, the group increased 6.2% month-on-month, reaching 71% of the pre-COVID passenger capacity it was originally able to realize.

Japan and Taiwan are back on the map this year for US carriers, which will likely increase monthly traffic. Arizonans should expect flights to start up again in a few weeks, especially since Lunar New Year is fast approaching.

There is extra capacity available if needed

In October, the group carried more than 2.3 million passengers and more than doubled their capacity that same month. And, because of this extra passenger volume, they were able to reach an extremely high 84% group passenger load factor with margins as narrow as 20%. In October, they also managed to increase their aircraft seating capacity by 5.1% while passenger numbers only increased by 7.2%.

The airline has an increased number of aircraft, so it has the capacity needed to accommodate and grow its demands. data shows that SIA operates five Boeing 777-200ERs, seven Boeing 777-300ERs, three Airbus A350s and two Airbus A380s as well as fifteen Boeing 737 MAX jets and nine 737-800s.

In October, SIA carried 1.539 million passengers at a load factor of 86.5%. For the month, that number was slightly down from August, when traffic was up and tickets were cheaper, although the geographic spread has shown the increased benefits of reopening Northeast Asian markets. In August, Asia produced a PLF of 70.6%, which climbed to 77.1% in October, as well as some minor drops from North America and Europe. The southwest Pacific is also headed upward as well, rising from a PLF of 88.3% in August to 93.7% in October

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Scoot, an AIO and low fare carrier airborne, carried 729,400 passengers in October, compared to 674,900 in September. 8% month-on-month gain is expected because of the carrier’s positive momentum. Scoot’s load factor stayed steady at 86.2% in both October and August while its mix varied between regions. Scoot employed 180 aircraft from the 60 on its schedule last month with 14 Airbus A320s, six Airbus A320neos, nine Boeing 787-8s and ten Boeing 787-9s operating day in day out. In October China was largely off limits though Scoot currently maintains flights to Chengdu and Xiamen as well as adding services to Indonesia as well as Vietnam for a total of 76 destinations. SIA has 76 destinations across Asia with 56 slated for Scoot 55 destinations from Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) to Lombok, Makassar, Pekanbaru and Yogyakarta.

Freight tonne kilometers are continuing to fall due to an increase in passenger flights. This helps cargo load factor, which is down 34.6 percentage points from what it was in the same month last year.