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In the wake of COVID-19, LATAM Airlines Group is set to operate 83% of pre-pandemic capacity in November. Despite the pandemic, Colombia is the only market to have fully bounced back from it.

Back into the game

LATAM has been through a Chapter 11 bankruptcy process in the United States which helped it to help reduce its debt and optimize its business for the post-pandemic future.

LATAM Group has been very successful in recent months and is beginning to see customers return. In November so far, passenger operations have been at 83% compared to the same period in 2019, and the airline projects to exceed 85% operational recovery by the end of the year.

This month, the company will reach a significant milestone in resuming service to the same number of destinations as it did prior to the COVID-19 pandemic in November (2019). LATAM plans to operate 1,347 daily national and international flights this month.

It has eight different flights in six countries including Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and Uruguay that span two continents. So if you live in Europe and want to go see the ruins of Machu Picchu or the capital city of Brasilia–sit back and relax while we connect you via a few hours of flight time.

The recovery: what happened how it happened

LATAM has operations in five domestic South American markets, including Brazil and Chile. Only Colombians have fully recovered, with traffic levels well above pre-pandemic levels.


LATAM Brasil is experiencing high demand this November due to increased competition. They’re operating 89% of their flights as planned and are planning to restart the Curitiba-Santiago route in December. Domestic operations have recovered 95 percent, while international operations recover 81%. The company operates 22 domestic and 21 international destinations.


Latam’s stocks are still recovering from the impact that the avian flu outbreak had on its network. The utility has made great progress over the past few months, but it’s almost time for them to go back to operating at full capacity.

The Latin American country known as Colombia

In 2022, Colombia’s aviation market fully recovered from the impact of the crisis. The airline has benefited and is now reporting a 10% growth in capacity versus 2019 this month. The domestic segment has seen 14% growth and the international segment, 4%. LATAM operates 17 domestic flights and five international flights.

Ecuador is a natural place with breath-taking views and luxurious resort activities

LATAM Ecuador has been able to recover from the flu more slowly than other parts of the company. They project a 67% recovery by November 2019, but this is primarily due to international travelers (50% of pre-pandemic levels). Meanwhile, the domestic market has increased 27% so far in 2019, probably as a result of increased demand and the disappearance of one airline in the country. Peru has fallen from its once prominent position in the world economically, and it is slowly getting back on its feet again. This month, the airline is offering 19 domestic and 27 international routes from Lima and Lima is already eyeing new routes such as Brasília-Lima.