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Lufthansa Cargo's

Lufthansa Cargo has recently been hard at work in the arctic circle, supporting Norwegian fishing industry exports and trade through its route around Iceland. Partnering with two airfreight forwarders, Lufthansa Cargo has been using the Airbus A321P2Fs to connect the remote Harstad/Narvik Airport (EVE) to Frankfurt Airport (FRA) before departing across the airline’s expansive international network.


Earlier this month, Norway announced plans for a new air travel hub, the joint cooperation between Harstad and Narvik airports is the first of its kind. It seeks to increase the efficiency and security in the shipment of seafood from Norway, on average each ton emits only one liter of carbon dioxide at home. The airport is located in Troms og Finnmark, one of the country’s largest producers.

The international demand for fresh fish that came with the help of Lufthansa Cargo saw them jump to support the industry. As a result, customers now have a system where fish is delivered globally in just two days, helping global customers get fast and high-quality fresh seafood.

“I am pleased about this air cargo product. We have flexible needs, and the A321 freighter is a perfect solution for us,” said Ashwin Bhat, chief commercial officer of Lufthansa Cargo, in response to the announcement.

If you’re looking for the freshest fish, we can help! With our direct and low-cost connections in the Seafood distribution market and our unmatched experience in seafood transport and delivery, we take your worries away. You’ll be served freshly delivered fish in just hours. (We get orders to Norway within 12 hours.)

As the service expands, it draws more and more customers.

Lufthansa Cargo launched commercial operations for the A321 freighter air cargo aircraft earlier this year. The brand-new aircraft already became a workhorse, carrying loads of freight to Europe’s same-day eCommerce hub.

Lufthansa Cargo recently acquired a second A321F, which will be used to strengthen its UK services, particularly for five connections per week between Birmingham and Dublin. The type also has operations to start from Frankfurt to Tel Aviv, Cairo, and Istanbul.

One of the most popular aircraft in operation is a jetliner that only launched in 2020: the Airbus A321. Despite only being available for less than three years, the jet has quickly carved its way into the hyper-competitive cargo market.

Airbus does not currently offer a production freighter variant of the aircraft, but that doesn’t mean there’s no future in them. It was conceived thanks to the growing second-hand conversion market, and can outperform Boeing’s 737-800F by offering a full-load range of up to 3,800 km (2,360 miles) and a payload of 27 tons.

Lufthansa Cargo recently posted record results for the third quarter, recording a nearly $1 billion operating profit for the period between January and September. Lufthansa Group remains optimistic, expecting its cargo subsidiary to exceed last year’s record of nearly $1.5 billion.