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Seating Design

Spirit Airlines, an American carrier, announced that they will be transitioning to a new seat design across all their new aircraft by 2023.

We have a partnership with HAECO

Spirit-This is why Spirit picked HAECO Americas, an aerospace company that specializes in cabin design and safety, to partner with for the design of their new seats. The seats were revealed at the APEX EXPO 2022 event in Long Beach, California.

Same Look, Different Dimension

Spirit Airlines has introduced a number of changes to its Economy class. The seat width is now wider on the window, aisle and middle seats by half an inch each, while the legroom remains unchanged. However, there is two inches more legroom in Economy because the seats are curved at knee height. There will also be improved headrests and extra padding for a newer, more comfortable flight experience.

The Big Front Seat story has been updated and revised.

Spirit must not have forgotten to include a new seat option in their latest updates. The “Big Front Seat” will feature a thicker armrest with an area at the front of the armrest for placing drinks or containers. Headrests will also be thicker with more padding. Seats themselves will have the same amount of legroom as current ones and seat recline will be touchy for budget airlines, so there’s designated “pre-reclined” seats that are always in an optimal position no matter what you’re doing – sitting, sleeping, and eating. These seats also have an easier-to-access tray table and are pre-reclined by one inch more than previous iterations.

Budget airlines need to find a way to save money, and they do this by not having reclining seats. The problem with that approach is that the seat won’t always be in the perfect position. With the “Vector Premium” seat, Spirit is solving this problem by pre-reclining the seat during manufacturing. This will allow passengers to sit comfortably regardless of their preferred position. To make it easier to reach, tray tables have also been improved.

Spirit Airlines is updating the interior design of their new aircraft deliveries. They will be installing updates on all their Airbus A320’s starting in January of 2023, and they are scheduled to receive 33 Airbus aircraft in total throughout next year.