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It was my first real trip anywhere. All my life I was a domestic boy and lived on the west coast of America. Honestly, I never went east to Utah. I grew up in Seattle all my life and have lived in l. V for the last 7 years. Rat race. Every year, I make it clear that I have to go on a long vacation and just wander around the sector, or even parts of it. So I chose the date when my adventures would start, went online, offered a ticket for the price of leaving in five weeks, and I didn’t even want to promise. I am prone to work a higher path. It’s best to talk about what you want to do, or what you normally say you would do, choose a date, and let yourself and everyone you understand know that you will do it that day. In my opinion, your friends will always remember you. And after a few weeks, as the days go by, you no longer want to follow your instincts. Your word should normally be like gold. Now that I’ve bought my ticket, the next question is, “Who’s going with me?” I can’t walk through myself! Then, when I was wearing it, that’s exactly what I had to do. Move yourself and escape from the whole thing and all that I know. Get out of my comfort zone. Challenge, explore and create. Enjoy foreign cultures, make new friendships, and eat food I’m not used to, stay where I haven’t lived by treating all strangers and strangers. Accept the challenge.
I have always lived by the motto “he who is safe – no profit” and I have always deepened my bets. Has she. So I went alone. In fact, more than one friend wanted to have me available for parties in France and Spain. No cube. This holiday is for me. I need this time to discover life and the arena myself at this point. In addition, I can hang out at home with friends (like a lifetime) at home. Why would buy Louvre tickets in advance I want to mate with them abroad? In France, I met a super French girl and stayed in her place for eight days (five days longer than I originally planned), in the French countryside for about 6 hours using teaching southwest in Paris. The geographical area in France is really beautiful and obviously untouched to travelers. We visited 8 medieval castles, the largest of which are ruins and one, which was inhabited by the famous composer Frederick Chopin before his death. Cathedral, cobbled streets, wine, records, works of art, cafes … No wonder France is one of the most visited countries in the world! And 1/2 week of my experience and I always keep it a secret! The weather turned into a challenging hike and traveling alone in Europe became a cake walk and more than I expected. It is simple. After two days of decompression in the Mediterranean in an old town called Alicante, I packed it and headed to the center of Spain. The most important event. Madrid. I watched him for two hours at the parquet de retire in Madrid, Spain. She changed into this long blonde swimsuit in this park, at this moment, for 2 hours. He stands among all the lower brunettes by Spanish citizens. Another reason I know was sitting on my park bench 2 hours later to put on curlers. Shocked and very excited, I gather enough courage to ask him something with my broken Spanish. It was funny, he said, “Do you speak English?!” “I’m from Denmark, I speak English!” but! Thank the Lord! So we each sat there for another 2 hours and spoke English and asked each other about their cultures and customs, our families, the food and how they enjoyed great family meals in Denmark, life in Spain, etc…
People, internationally, are an estimate surprisingly, 6 billion people and I support you to leave your pleasant neighborhood and meet some of them – in different countries. Be honest with yourself. Do you think you can improve your travel experience by taking a friend with you? Maybe, but your happiness is probably not as rich and cultural as it has potential. If your friends need to be happy with you, get together for a few days and have fun, but not for the whole trip now! Because of the loud screams, you can see them when you return! When traveling with a friend, choose a divorce every week or join a unique city as a couple and share your adventures and stories. Do not worry. Risk it. Assign yourself. Be notified. Life is the way you make it. Avoid talking about it and do it (yourself)! Above all, be safe and create an adventurous and shameless spirit. Have a nice day and “pressure can be on you too!”