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Frontier Airlines lessening 90% of capacity, scheduled to fly only to Orlando from Cleveland Hopkins in April 

Frontier Airlines revealed that it’s cutting almost 90% of its flight capacity nationwide starting April. It eliminates all of its entire routes from Cleveland Hopkins except to Orlando. According to the state released by this airline company, it is hoping to progressively add back its services starting in May. Frontier Airlines believes that strong compliance with the current guidelines and advisories of the U.S government for Americans to stay at home for 30 more days, the airlines will be in a position to slowly build fight capacity back up to 35% by May and 100% in the latter part of the year.

As per the online schedule information, Frontier Airlines has a plan to fly to four destinations commencing from Cleveland in May namely to Orlando, Tampa in Florida, Fort Myers, and Denver. The carrier will then have an average of two departures per day starting in May.

To give you brief information about Frontier Airlines, it is a low-cost carrier that is based in Denver and it has progressed and developed a large presence at the Cleveland Hopkins. In recent years, it was able to fly to almost 21 destinations than more than any other airline companies. If we were to look at its passenger volume, it ranks fifth at Hopkins in the year 2019 with almost 1.2 million passengers. That figure is behind Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines, and American Airlines.

The airline and aviation industry globally have been decimated by the novel coronavirus pandemic. As a result, carriers were slashing their capacity and yet still flies with nearly empty planes. According to Seth Kaplan, an Airline Analyst, as an estimate, the capacity cuts in the Unites starting this April to May is most likely between 70% to 90% which is still dependent on the airline company. It’s somehow difficult to calculate since much of it is being done on a rolling basis.

In Cleveland alone, the majority of the carriers have cut their capacity and even reduced routes. To give some of the recent route reduction includes the United Airlines’ non-stop flight to Los Angeles. It has been discontinued at least this April. All Air Canada’s flights to Toronto were also canceled the same with the Delta Airline’s service to Salt Lake City. At the Cleveland’s Burke Lakefront Airport, the Ultimate Air Shuttle has also suspended its service to Cincinnati.