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Southwest Airlines dignified for major growth in Denver

Southwest Airlines chose Denver as the recipient of the carrier’s $1.5 billion growth investment. With that, the given airline company will occupy an additional 16 gates at the Denver International Airport. This move is included and part of its development plans for 2022.

Allocating particular funds for growth into a certain area is one of the airline’s difficult decision to make. Several questions are needing a corresponding concrete answer. With that, it is noted that the safest thing to do is to spread the investment in a few profitable areas. That’s the time when Southwest Airlines already decided on where to invest its money. And yes, Denver was the clear winner on this.

Way back in November last year, Southwest Airlines released a statement about the reason why the carrier chose the city of Denver to execute such phenomenal growth. Jason Van Eaton, the Senior Vice President of Government Affairs and Real Estate at Southwest Airlines said that Denver is known and proven to be the fastest-growing city in their network and with that, they are looking positively forward to continuing what they’ve started in providing service to the region’s traveler while conveniently connecting them to the places that are important to their lives.

As being said, Southwest Airlines is the place for the company’s net new growth and with that, they are requesting all C gates. Currently, the Denver International Airport is working on several improvements which will be seen soon in the creation of the 39 new gates. This airline company is also very vocal on their plan of acquiring additional space at Denver and hoping to secure at least 16 of those new gates and wants them all in a Concourse C alone. For them, it’s a strategic move as it already occupies exactly 24 gates in Concourse C. With that, they’ll be offering a lot more flights in and out of Denver. To date, Southwest Airlines operates around 255 flights per day out of its Denver airport gates. It can soon offer 300 flights daily.

The Denver International Airport is currently a workplace for almost 4,300 Southwest Airlines employees. Adding a few more gates will allow the airline company to further increase its employment in the region. They remain optimistic about its new endeavor and future at Denver. Also, United Airlines expects to operate around 700 flights daily from Denver International Airport in 2025.