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Judah 1, the world’s first Christian Airline is still pending for approval

To date, the so-called first Christian Airline, Judah 1, is still waiting for the approval from the regulatory boards before taking its inaugural flight later this year. The airline’s fleet includes a McDonnell Douglas MD-83 and some other smaller aircraft.

Various carriers including those in the Middle East do have a pre-flight prayer or dedicated prayer areas. However, for Judah 1, its goal is to connect passengers on Christian missionary trips. This makes Judah 1 unique and far different from other existing airline companies.

In the year 2018, Judah 1 announced its plans to conduct flights that are geared towards missionary trips though the airline still wants to carry fare-paying passengers. And of course, to be capable of being a commercial airline, there are several steps and regulatory processes that occur behind the scenes.

Judah 1 was aiming to have its inaugural flight in the summer of 2019 with its McDonnel Douglas MD38 and went through a C-Check at the North Texas Regional Airport. But since then, the airline has not announced nor launched any major flights either domestic or international.

According to Judah 1, they make use of MD-83 to transport a team of up 120 in the first-class comfort. Regardless if it’s a medium-range aircraft, they can still use it for long-range missions. The aircraft is a two-cabin configuration. Up to now, the carrier has not released any information relating to seat plans and options onboard the said aircraft.

Also in 2019, Judah 1 plans to take an additional aircraft like the Boeing 767s and Cessna 414. They also acquire a Westwind jet which was used for some Hurricane Dorian relief flights. This is intended to bring resources and even professional to the Bahamas to offer help and assistance to those afflicted by Hurricane Dorian. Its interior can accommodate up to eight passengers. As seen on the photo released, it appears to be a little more comfortable than any existing commercial jets. Unfortunately, until now, there’s still no information release if they will acquire an additional MD83 nor Being 767.

In December 2019, the airline was able to post an update regarding the proposed flights in 2020. To date, the carrier is still waiting for Federal Aviation Administration and DOT certification. Once processed and complete, all the flights are expected to begin in early spring this year.