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United Airlines plans to expand operations at Denver International Airport 

The carriers ask the Denver City Council to rework lease and for the $1.5 billion projects that aim to expand the airport by 39 gates. The first of the airport’s three biggest airlines are currently making their move to chase for new gates.

United Airlines is said to be the biggest carrier that is operating at Denver International Airport. The company is asking then the Denver City Council to approve an amendment to its lease. If approved it will then give the company the right to use an additional 24 more gates at the airport.

According to the United officials, approximately 12 of the new gates added to the west end of Concourse A and the 11 would be existing gates on the said concourse. There will also be one new gate on Concourse B. Besides, Denver is proven to be the fastest-growing in United Airline’s network and also the most successful.

To give you an idea, the airline currently leases around 66 gates on Concourse B wherein one office can also be found on that part of the airport. If the expansion is approved, it will allow United Airlines to condense its other spaces namely the 11 gates on the east side of Concourse A and another gate on Concourse C.

Also, the concourse construction allows United Airlines to convert several of its smaller gates into larger mainline gates which are currently used for its United Express flights on aircraft that can accommodate around 50 to 70 passengers. In that case, there will be new rooms for bigger bodied-aircraft, there will also be an increase in flight traffic for the said carrier. The operation of United Airlines to Denver International Airport can increase from 500 per day to 700 per day in 2025 as a result of the construction.

In 2019, United Airlines accounted for almost 44% of the flight traffic at Denver International Airport. Other carriers that operate hubs at the said airport include the Denver-based Frontier Airlines and Southwest Airlines. So far, United Airlines is the first one to formally make a move and apply changes to its lease to acquire new gates.

As per Emily Williams, the spokesperson of Denver International Airport, they are currently in active use and lease negotiations with various airline companies but cannot confirm yet when agreements will be finalized.

The said amendment is scheduled to considered by the City Council and airline officials are being hopeful that the request will be heard before the end of the month.