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Frontier Airlines faces lawsuit for the mishandled cases of in-flight sexual assault

Lena Ramsay, a U.S Army veteran onboard Frontier Airlines express in detail her experience on-flight as she was relaxing in the darkened cabin of the aircraft. She felt the hands of the person seated behind her and grope her. In response, she notified the cabin crew in-charge but was instructed to return to her seat.

The said incident is not the first case ever happen while on a flight with Frontier Airlines. There’s another passenger that suffered and shared a similar experience of unwanted groping. A case was then filed in Colorado federal court against Frontier Airlines accusing that the airline employees’ mishandling several cases of in-flight sexual assault. The said lawsuit asserts that the airline company failed to follow the stipulated policies and procedures to prevent, report, and take the corresponding action to the sexual assault of its passengers on its flights.

According to Lena Ramsay’s attorney, even if the problem of such unwanted in-flight sexual assault is not new, what happened to Ramsay appears to be the first of its kind.

In the fiscal year of 2014, there were 38 reported cases of in-flight sexual assault to the Federal Bureau of Investigation or FBI. The said figure then increases into 63 cases in the 2017 fiscal year. Those statements came directly from the FBI advisory on an in-flight sexual assault which was also published in the spring of 2018.

The following in-flight attacks generally occur on long-haul flights when the cabin is dark. According to the attorney of Lena Ramsay, Frontier Airlines is not doing enough precautions to mitigate and prevent in-flight sexual assaults before they happen.

Lena Ramsay charges that she was sexually assaulted on a Frontier Airlines flight commencing from Denver to Providence in October 2018. She reiterates that she quickly reported the incident to the flight attendant but was told to go back to her seat and refuse to set away from her alleged assailant. The flight attendant, on the other hand, failed to report the incident to airline superiors or even request that law enforcement officials in the arriving city, which is Providence, to be contacted. Besides, the suit claims that Frontier Airlines officials also failed to deliver law administration officials with the identity of her alleged assailant or even the names of potential witnesses who may have noticed the incident on the said flight.

Lena Ramsay stated that she approached the people who she thought would make it alright but they didn’t.