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In 2023 Brussels Airport wants to recycle at least half of its waste

Brussels Airport has taken on the challenge to recycle more of its waste. By 2023 at least 50% of the waste produced at the airport must be recycled.  At the moment Brussels Airport recycles approximately 25% of its waste.

A charter

Recently, Brussels Airport signed a charter together with her partners and companies specialized in dealing with waste.  Altogether, approximately 25 companies will be involved.

Some of the measures that Brussels Airport will take

Brussels Airport has published a number of the measures that it is going to take to achieve this goal. First of all, the airport will install sinks at all security checkpoints. Because of that, passengers will be able to empty any bottles that they have with them and that they are not permitted to take with them. They can then through the plastic bottles in special plastic bins. The plastic that is deposited in to these bins will be recycled.

Also, the airport is going to place more water fountains throughout the airport. Finally, the stores that sell water bottles at the airport will also offer a re-usable alternative. It is expected that more measures will be taken in the future, as there is a grand task ahead.

The current situation

At this moment in time the airport produces approximately 15 trucks of waste per day. This waste is produced by approximately 24 000 employees that work at the airport and 70.000 passengers that pass through the airport.

Sustainability & flying

More and more airlines and airports as well as airplane manufacturers see the need for taking measures to prevent climate change. Till now this has resulted in less use of plastic, environmentally-friendly forms of kerosene and less waste.