Ryanair is changing their luggage policy again!

For the second time this year Ryainair is changing its cabin-baggage policy. From the 1st of november passengers are only allowed to carry one mid size bag on the plane free of charge. Passengers who want to take a wheelie-trolley up to 10kg on board will have to pay  £6 for priority boarding to take the bag on the plane or £8 to check the bag in.

Passengers are currently allowed to check-in 2 bags free of charge, but only can carry both on the plane when paid for priority boarding.

Ryanair’s Kenny Jacobs said:

“From November 2018, we are introducing a new lower cost 10kg checked bag and changing our carry-on bag policy to eliminate boarding/flight delays. Priority Boarding customers will continue to enjoy two free carry-on bags. All other (non-priority) customers will be allowed one free (small) carry-on bag, and those who wish to check in a second bigger 10kg bag can do from €/£8 at the time of booking.

This new policy will speed up the boarding and cut flight delays. 60% of customers will be unaffected by these changes and we expect that the other 40% will either choose to buy Priority Boarding or a 10kg check bag or will choose to travel with only one (free) small bag as 30% already do so today.”


Ryanair is changing their luggage policy again!

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