Aviation Trivia: 6 Little-Known Facts About Aviation

For many of us, flying is something we take for granted. You show up at the airport, go through security, board your flight, and deplane at your destination.

Honestly, it can get quite boring when you think about it that way. We think flying should amaze the mind each time, not feel like another mode of transportation.

To help you get excited about flying once again, here are six little-known aviation trivia. Read more

One of the World’s Favorite Small Planes: The Cessna 172

Some people think change is good.

And, sometimes it is.

But when you’ve got something right, don’t change it. Keep doing what you’re doing.

It’s the same way with aviation.

You perfect your technology until its perfect. Then you don’t change a thing. You leave it as is.

If you change anything, you might run sometime.

It seems the manufacturers of the Cessna 172 feel exactly this way. Read more