The Latest Aviation Technology Changing How We Fly

The Latest Aviation Technology Changing How We Fly

aviation technologyAviation technology is incredible. That’s because airplanes are awesome. They let us sore through the sky, and have changed our lives in so many ways.

So seeing technology improve upon this already amazing invention is amazing.

With airplanes, we’ve already reached the pinnacle of technology. In spite of that, there are still more innovations that are changing the way we fly.

If you’re ready to have you mind taken into the future, take a look at some of these innovations.

Improving the Airport Experience

The newest technology out there isn’t only about what’s in the air. It’s about how you get into the sky, to begin with.

Everybody hates the airport. It involves a lot of waiting in line and rushing to get to your gate. Luckily, things are being made a lot easier.

Biometrics are increasingly being used at airports to streamline the security experience.

While a lot of people are concerned about the effect this will have on privacy, the reality is most people will benefit from a quicker airport check-in. This is particularly true of people concerned about the Kafka-esque nightmare that airport security makes international travel.

Aviation Technology and the Internet of Things

The internet of things sounds like a buzzword. But all IoT means is that tech gets taken to the next level by communicating with other tech items.

This phenomenon is changing flight in some amazing ways.

The use of IoT technology in flight has come to include everything from crew uniforms to the plane itself.

For example, both Virgin Atlantic and Delta airlines are using IoT technology to improve airplane performance and maintenance.

More creatively, EasyJet is using wearable technology to allow the airplane crew to assist visually impaired passengers and display information about the flight.

Green Travel

Airplane travel is growing more and more environmentally efficient.

This is important. Aviation technology enthusiasts are more aware than anyone else of the environmental impact of airplanes.

In a way, it’s tragic. Airplanes have given us the ability to float above the clouds and see the earth beneath us. Unfortunately, they’ve also contributed to a lot of damage toward the earth.

Luckily, technology has made flying greener. Some airplanes are powered by biomass. Others are deliberately lighter, making them more fuel efficient.

Improvements to the body of the plane have been the biggest change makers. Airplanes are becoming lighter due to changes in engine parts, reshaping the plane, and 3D printing lighter parts than would be made on the market.

Bringing It All Together

If you’re a flying enthusiast, you’re probably excited about all of the changes coming to the way we fly.

Biometrics are going to speed up the airport experience. IoT technology is making planes more efficient and better for the visually impaired.

And thankfully, because of innovations in manufacturing, flying is getting better for the planet.

If you’re an aviation addict, you probably love to keep up-to-date on all airplane and airport related information. Read our blog to make sure you don’t miss the next innovation in aviation technology.

Top 6 Plane Spotting Airports in the World

Top 6 Plane Spotting Airports in the World

Plane SpottingThere are around 39,000 planes in the world right now. How many have you seen? I’m betting not nearly all of them. If you are looking for the best places worldwide to do some plane spotting, you came to the right place.

We have put together a list of 6 destinations where you can spot til you drop!

1. Minneapolis- St. Paul

It’s not the first thing that usually comes to mind when someone brings up Minneapolis, but St. Paul International Airport is an amazing location to spot some planes! The airport has its own viewing area complete with tables and runways.

Passengers going through the airport are also granted an intriguing vantage point. Located near Concourse D, there is a not-so-secret observation deck that gives an amazing view. From there, you will be looking directly at one of the runways, but still able to see departures from the other four terminals.

2. London Heathrow Airport Is Great for Plane Spotting

If you are anxious to see the world’s biggest commercial aircraft, be sure you stop by the London Heathrow Airport! At the busiest airport in the United Kingdom, you will be treated to various planes that can be seen departing from the surrounding hotels!

Plus, any aviation-fanatics should check out the British Airways Speedbird Heritage Centre. The Centre is just outside the Heathrow airport. It offers enthusiasts a closer look at the historic collection of photographs, postcards, and posters from the days of aviation’s past.

3. Tenerife North, Canary Islands

Go and visit the site of the deadliest aviation disaster at Tenerife North, or Los Rodes, airport. Since the South airport went up in 1978, Tenerife North has been mostly forgotten.

That being said, there is still a great mix of traffic to see. From intra-island traffic to links to and from Africa. Even though it is not the main airport, almost 4 million passengers use the airport annually. Plus, without so many people, there are more opportunities for you to take unique photos!

4. Maho Beach, St. Maarten

Located directly under St. Maarten’s Princess Juliana International Airport’s western approach. Mere steps away from the edge of the runway, this is the best plane spotting location you could ever hope for!

Major international flights will fly past your head. The airplane enthusiast will be able to completely embrace the experience.

5. Munich, Germany

The Munich Airport may not be the main hub for travelers, but it’s still an important gateway that saw over 42 million people in 2016 alone. The location is dedicated to keeping the public involved with operations.

They offer special airport tours and even have historic plane displayed. But, the best part is the nearby park. Dedicated to the plane enthusiasts of the world, The Visitor’s Park is the perfect place to spot planes!

6. Phuket, Thailand

Many interested in spotting planes will make sure Phuket is on their “to go” list. As one of the two main airports, you can expect to find many large planes and wide-bodied airlines traveling to and from exotic locals.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Phuket, Thailand is a great location. The tropical beaches at the end of the runway are a great place to relax and get amazing photographs that will “wow” your friends.

Spot That Plane!

What are you waiting for? Take advantage of these amazing photo opportunities and become the envy of your friends and fellow plane spotters!

If you are looking for a particular flight, don’t settle for wandering around aimlessly. Take the guessing work out of your next plane spotting adventure and use flightradar24.

Recognized as the best live tracker in the world, flightradar24 will help you on all your plane spotting endeavors. You can access the information of a flight’s history as well as anticipated departure and arrivals.

Heat Delays? How Rising Temperatures Are Changing Flight Patterns

Heat Delays? How Rising Temperatures Are Changing Flight Patterns

flight patternsMost of us schedule a plane ride based on when it arrives at the destination. We either have an important business meeting to get to or want to take advantage of our first day of vacation.

This is why flight delays can be incredibly frustrating. Most of the time, these are due to severe weather conditions like hurricanes, snowstorms, and thunderstorms. However, a culprit for delayed flights that is usually ignored is intense heat.

Heat waves create severe challenges for pilots. They have caused hundreds of cancellations and changes in flight patterns, especially in states like Arizona that become sweltering hot during the summer season.

Follow along to figure out why a hot sunny day might actually ruin your travel plans.

Why Does This Happen?

You might have been checking the weather radar or a flight tracker right before heading to the airport to make sure a storm wasn’t brewing somewhere along your flight path. What you might not have thought about is that the blistering sun might sabotage your trip.

It has reduced the density of air by heating up its molecules. Hot air is not very conducive to flying. Since it’s less dense, it provides less lift, which is necessary for planes to take off.

To combat this issue, the plane has to weigh less. Cargo needs to be taken off the plane, and in some cases, the number of passengers who can board the aircraft is limited. This can lead to higher ticket prices during the summer.

Flight Patterns

With several heat records being broken all across the world, cancellations due to heat waves will become so much more common. This could heavily impact flight patterns during the summer.

Jet Stream

Flight routes are influenced by jet stream patterns. With more hot air rising in the summer months, the jet stream can experience some turbulent air. This will not only cause bumpier rides but will also affect travel times.

Flights may need to be rerouted if the air is too turbulent to fly in. This will cause a rescheduling of thousands of flights since each one’s path is specifically calculated.

Time of Day

Others may need to be postponed for cooler times, which will make it difficult for airports to pack a day’s worth of flights into a few cool hours of the night. A great tip is to schedule summer flights for departure after six or seven in the evening. They are less likely to get canceled!

If airlines plan ahead of time and reduce the number of flights they operate per day during the summer, it might be incredibly hard to get your hands on an inexpensive ticket.

Airlines would only have one – maybe two – flights to every destination they normally fly to per day. Compared to an average of four or five, this could severely affect frequent flyers.

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