Flightradar24’s live online flight radar makes flight tracking simple

A Flight Radar is an application that makes finding and tracking flights as easy as can be. Perfect for both plane spotters and anyone who wants to see if a loved one’s flight has been delayed, flight radars tell you about flight’s departure and arrival times, and the routes that they take through the air. Flightradar 24 also stores flights in its database, so you can review air traffic history too.

What is flight tracking?

As its name suggests, flight tracking consists of tracking planes in the air, and at airports. Real time flight trackers keep tabs on planes as they are actually moving, which means that you can see a plane’s route and arrival and destination times with the utmost accuracy. A flight radar can also be used as a flight finder: home in on a particular flight that is of interest to you (for instance, the plane that a loved one is taking home) and get a totally accurate insight into where it is at any given time. Similar trackers exist for other types of traffic and transport (one example is cargo ships) and these other trackers tend to have a very similar format to live flight radars. Live flight radars such as flight tracker 24 use similar radar technology to that deployed by air traffic controllers. As a result, users will need to be online in order to track and find flights using flightradar24. Combining location data and satellite signals, a plane tracker such as flight radar 24 will help you to pinpoint flights that are close to you as well as enabling you to find and track international flights anywhere in the world.

Useful ways to track flights using a flight radar and the key features and advantages of flightradar 24

A plane tracker such as flight radar 24 can be used to track flights simply by using an interactive map to see which flights are currently in progress. Click on the flights to find out more about any flight that is of interest to you. Secondly, flightrader24 can be used to find out data about flights that have taken place in the past by accessing the database of historic flights. This will tell you their arrival and departure dates and times, journey times, routes, plane types and passenger numbers. Finally, flight radar 24 enables you to ‘pin’ flights (i.e. mark out flights that are of particular interest to you) so that you can focus on them with ease. Though most flight finders have the same basic structure, not all flight finders and plane trackers will have the breadth and depth of features offered by flight tracker 24. With flight radar 24, you can access numerous enhanced tracking features that optimise your flight finder experience.

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What a plane tracker can mean to different people

Flight finders are accessed on a daily basis by a wide variety of users across the world. Plane spotters love using these tools to find out when aircraft that they are interested in will be coming into land near them. Moreover, when standing on the ground or waiting in an airport, we can find out when a connecting flight that we want to catch is on its way, and we can also see when planes that are carrying our friends and family are due to touch down. Using a plane tracker or live flight radar is exciting in its own right, though. A large proportion of the logons to flight finders and plane trackers are simply from individuals who are neither plane spotters or air travellers, but who are just mesmerised by the ability to see air traffic zooming across the world with a beautiful, organised symmetry.

How to track flights above England with the flightradar24 plane tracker service

If you are currently in England, when you load up the flight tracker 24 radar website or app, the geolocation element of flight tracker 24 will instantly show you the flights in your local area. Additionally, you can filter your searches on flightradar 24’s plane tracker and flight finder app and website by location. If you have upgraded to the premium version of flightradar24, just point your phone at the skies overhead and (as described above in the section on the paid for flightradar24 app) your camera will do the rest.

The data visualisation shown in the video below shows the air traffic above the UK on your average Summer day. The video was created by using data recorded from over  seven thousand flights on random day in June.

How to track flights near Heathrow with flightradar

Flight tracker 24 can track planes for you near Heathrow no matter where you are in the world. If you are physically in Heathrow, this live flight radar’s technology will identify your location and automatically show you flights close to you. With the premium flightradar app – as described above – you can use your phone’s camera to identify flights and get more information on them. If you are not physically situated in Heathrow, use flightradar’s search function to filter your search results by location – select Heathrow or Southern England as your location, and you are ready to go.

How a flight radar can be useful when spotting planes

A live flight finder such as flight tracker 24 will make plane spotting a breeze. Use it to see all air traffic in the local area, or filter the results to home in on aircraft types that are of most interest to you. The flight radar 24 app is also handy for planning your plane spotting sessions as the data that it provides on routes and flight times makes it easy to see when an aircraft of interest will be flying overhead or coming into land near you. If you are having trouble identifying a given aircraft, flightradar’s premium image recognition service will tell you all that you need to know about it.

How to track a flight by flight number using the casper radar from flight radar 24

The basic technology behind flightradar24 is the casper radar. This radar based technology is used for most live flight radars. It integrates a map with real time flight data, and is known for the attractiveness and intuitiveness of its display. Graphics depict aircraft moving across the map, showing their position and direction of travel. Tracking a flight by flight number using flightradar24’s casper flight finder map is very easy. You can either search for the flight number in the search bar and flight tracker 24 will pinpoint this flight for you on the map. Alternatively, if you know the flight’s location you can simply see where it is on the map and click on it. If you have paid for the premium version of the flightradar live flight radar, you can also use flight tracker 24’s image recognition technology to identify a flight simply by pointing your phone’s camera at a flight. Flight tracker 24 will then integrate this image with the casper radar and data regarding the flight number.

Finding and using the flightradar24 app

Flight radar 24 takes the form of an easily navigable website, but there is also a corresponding flightradar24 app. Smartphone users can take advantage of the convenient flight tracker 24 app to get live updates on flights that are of interest to them at any time. Set up notifications using the flight radar app so that whenever anything new happens on flightradar24 that is of interest to you, you will find out about it instantly. The flight radar 24 app is available both in a free and a paid for version. The free flightradar24 app can be downloaded via Google Play, and it provides you with basic data about flights of interest to you. The data that can be gleaned using the free version of the flight radar 24 app includes a plane’s route, flight number and callsign information. In addition, the free flightradar app lets you see photographic images of the majority of aircraft and also offers an augmented reality feature which lets you ‘see’ how the planes look as they are in the air. Users of the free flightradar app are also able to search for flights – and flight radar 24 lets you filter your searches by aircraft type, airline, route and date.

Accessing and understanding the paid for live flight radar app

Further flight radar features can be accessed by upgrading to the paid flight radar plane tracker app. This paid for flightradar24 app is also available from Google Play. Using the paid for flight radar flight finder app provides you with more comprehensive data about aircraft of interest to you. When you pay for this live flight radar, flightradar will tell you the plane’s speed and altitude, and it will also enable you to filter your flightradar24 searches by these features. Additionally, the paid for version of the flight radar plane tracker app allows you to find out all that you want about a plane by pointing your phone’s camera at it. Flight radar 24 will then use location and image recognition technology to identify the plane. A 7 day free trial is available for this paid for flightradar app, and after that it costs a mere $3.99. Other live flight radar features such as arrivals and departures, aircraft icons and custom alerts can then be obtained as in app purchases for prices ranging between $1.99 and $4.99.